Facebook ad target audiences for ecommerce stores

Facebook ads targeting library

Hi there, on this blog you'll find interest-based audiences for your Facebook ad campaigns. They will be a good fit if you run ads to an ecommerce/shopify store or have clients you help do the same. Please bear with the design as this is a beta test- I'll update the design when I get more time.

They are completely free, 'do what you want with'-audiences. You don't need to sign-up or do anything to get access. If you like the work, please share it with someone else that might find it useful too. Thank you.

Notes & how-to
-Most audiences are around 1 million people worldwide (checked with Facebook's Power Editor)
-Most interests have an affinity score of 50x or better
-They are set up in lists based on each interest's size and the purpose is to stack them 3 times (interest list1 AND list2 AND list3), to get the most passionate people around the topic
-They are set up so you can easily copy each list and paste it into your adset
-They are built in spreadsheets and I'm using a plugin to display them right here on the blog. If the formatting looks a bit off, you can copy-paste them to a spreadsheet as well
-In the table with each audience, you need to change the "show 10 entries" to 100 to have it display everything in one page

If you'd like an update when I add more audiences, feel free to sign up to the mailing list. If you want to get in contact with me, you can reply to the welcome email.